Affordable off-grid solar power systems

In contrast to an on-grid system, which is connected to the public power grid,
an off-grid system operates completely self-sufficiently and without a public power grid.
With an off-grid system a high capacity of battery storage is essential,
because on rainy or cloudy days not always enough electricity can be produced to cover the entire daily demand.
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An off-grid solar system is operated completely self-sufficiently and without connection to a public power grid. Although this means that there is no remuneration for the consumer, the main objective of such a system is not to make a profit, but to provide an independent power supply for various areas. Thus, such a stand-alone system is suitable, for example, for supplying remote houses without access to a power grid, and such systems are also used on boats or mobile homes. But even in regions with an existing, but unstable power grid, OFF Grid systems are often used as a backup for a power grid failure. Another advantage is the climate-friendly generation of electricity, since in many areas one would otherwise have to resort to fossil resources and use, for example, a diesel-powered electricity generator. Therefore, an off-grid system is a major contribution to our energy transition and experts believe that in the next 25 years, about 1 billion people will use an off-grid system for their own needs.

The structure is only slightly different from a traditional on-grid system, i.e. a photovoltaic system that is connected to the public power grid. Again, solar panels and sunlight, generate electricity, which is then converted from direct current to alternating current by an inverter. Often in an independent solar system, electricity storage is used to keep the excess solar power available as needed to use a power supply at night and in bad weather.

The Package

Our complete solar sets (off-grid) consisting of:

   Solar Panels 400 Watt (Grade A – Mono Silicon)


    MPPT Controller (96V 100A)

    1x PV system box

    Graphene batteries (12V 200 AH)

    Solar cable set